To let go, you have to give up the part of your emotions that hold you up

We experience both positive and negative emotions in life. Although we cherish the joyful moments and want to hold on to those moments forever but what we really hold on to, are the sad situations or people associated with it. When the pain comes from those we love, we feel those emotions deep within our heart and to let go of those feelings, we need to remove them from the deepest layer of our heart.

Why let it go

When you keep a grudge in your heart, you create negativity within yourself. This negativity affects you every moment of your life. This negativity only creates a feeling of hatred. There are times when others might be completely unaware of those bitter feelings towards them but you are living with that bitterness every second.

If you had a difficult situation or unpleasant moment, thinking about it over and over again means that you are reliving that undesired moment over and again as well.

There is always a reason for every situation, every pain and every heartbreak.  We don’t see it at that time because our minds are only focused on that particular moment of life. We don’t think or see beyond that very moment. But we must trust the process of life and accept that life is about joys and sorrows, we don’t feel the pain the same way.

We need to accept our disappointments as we accept our achievements and should not hold on to it. We should let go and learn to step forward. When you learn to let go, you become at ease within yourself. You find that all this while, you were carrying a big burden, which seems to be lifted up. You will start to feel yourself and start to live as real you.

How to let go

To accomplish anything little or big in life, we should be at tune with our mind. Once the mind is trained, nothing will affect you the same way. You must rethink and ask yourself, is it really worth to spoil your present moment, a new day of your life thinking about something that has destroyed you in the past?


To let go of our disappointments from people or situations, we must first accept what has happened.  So many times, people find it hard to accept that it can happen to them. Once you accept it, you make it less powerful. We must remember that, we fear only when we feel we have no control upon. Once you take back the control of your life by accepting it, you strengthen your mind so much that, that situation or person no longer affects you the same way.


One of the challenges people often face is finding the solution for the problem that has happened. If your disappointments are from a person- either that person means a lot, or is someone you had some expectations from.

If that person has a role in your life, you must make every effort to resolve it. Sometimes it’s all matter of communicating in the right way, at the right moment.  All you need to do is express yourself, not your anger but your heartfelt emotions. Emotions can be communicated better than words of disagreement.

If it’s a person who has no value in your life, it should not matter to you anyway. You must admit this fact and not allow any stranger to control your life

If you are holding on to a situation that has already happened, you must believe in the process of life and trust it because there is nothing else you can do. Think of possible solutions and see what works the best for you, to bring you out of that situation.

Believe and Move On

Without believing in your self or the creator, we can never fix anything in life. If you believe that you will find a way out, you will. If you believe that you will remove those unwanted thoughts from you mind you will. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, because if you can’t trust yourself, you can’t trust anyone else too.

Once you believe in yourself, accept it and find the way out, moving on becomes much more easier. Just think in your mind that no matter what happens, you won’t go back to those negative emotions

Give time

Time is the biggest healer and with time, our emotions settle down. Letting go and Moving on might be difficult, but with time when you have new experiences in life, you will find that it might not matter to you any more or might not affect you the same way. With time and life events, you become tough and start to handle those emotions with more tolerance. Gradually you are able to create a new you and within you, you find a person who is much stronger and more positive towards life.


Dr Bhawna Gautam

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