Appreciate people, there is something special in everyone

Appreciation is the simplest form of motivation, yet it is seldom used. When we encourage people, it creates a sense of worthiness within them. They feel valued and start to believe that their own life is meaningful. When people are appreciated, it encourages them to continue and even contribute more. Be it personal relationship, work or social interaction, appreciating people creates a deeper connection because people trust that there is someone who can see their true self, that is deep within them.

When you start to appreciate people, you will start to see good in everyone. You will begin to realize that there is something special, something unique about each person that you come across, which makes them who they are.

As you realize the uniqueness in everyone, you will stop comparing your life with other people’s lives and begin to embrace the differences. You will start to see everyone as equal being. Your own perspective towards life will change and as you create a wave of admiration, you will notice that people around you are spreading that wave of appreciation too. A genuine act of appreciation can become an inspiration for so many people.

When you appreciate people, it must be a genuine expression of emotions. Some people use it as a way to flatter or influence the mind of another person. Fake admiration can be easily comprehended and can often lead to loss of a relationship because no one likes to live in a world of false admiration or fake sense of satisfaction.

When we truly feel admired, we get a real sense of contentment. Whatever we do in our lives, end of the day we all are looking for real contentment. When we appreciate others, we bring that feeling of contentment in their lives.

There are so many ways we can appreciate people and the simplest way is with your words. Words have a lot of power. Words can create deepest connection. Written words become even more powerful because it gives words a meaning in real life and is felt deep within. Gestures and body language can also become a beautiful expression of appreciation. At times, surprising people with gifts can also bring a smile on their face.

Appreciating can change your life and life of those around you. It can improve your relationship with people you know and even those who you have just met.

Appreciation is a great way of improving relationship. You will find, that the very moment when you express your appreciation, your relationship will change. You will immediately connect with them at a deeper level. People will feel so uplifted that they will be willing to do things even beyond their abilities.

People often see reasons to criticise others, but the reasons to admire them remain unspoken. When we start to appreciate, we strengthen our relationship because we start to feel an important part of that special bond.

Everyone wants to give their best in a relationship. When we are appreciated, we feel that we are contributing equally as much as the other person is. It helps to resolve many conflicts because when your heart is full of love, you are able to ignore little things that can ruin a relationship.

Next time, when you see something pleasing in someone, do express yourself. You will create a special bond.


Dr Bhawna Gautam

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