How you start your day is how you feel through out the day, what you do during the day is how peaceful your night is

Everyone in the world is rushing somewhere. Some to gather more and more while others following their footprints. What they actually need, they never had time to sit down peacefully and think. People’s life has become so restless, their morning starts with chaos and the night ends with noise. And still, they expect to find peace within them.

To feel peaceful, there has to be peace be within us.


The mornings should be the most peaceful and relaxing time. But most of the people start their mornings with a loud noise of alarm.  Instead the light of the sun, it’s the light of their gadgets that shine in their eyes. The mind gets rattled even before the eyes have opened up for the day. The body that is in a state of complete peace is suddenly shaken up by an unpleasant noise. That noise remains within us and affects our thoughts, our mind and our thoughts.

Instead of the loud noise of the alarm and the radiations from our gadgets, our body should be the alarm and the natural light should be the shine with the sounds of nature waking us up every day. Imagine waking up to silence or just the melody of nature. It feels so calming to even think about it.

A peaceful mind and a body that has just risen from a state of peace, we need to prepare it for the day. Dressing up our soul is as important as dressing up for the day. Work up your body with work out and mind with a spiritual talk. Be thankful for being a part of this day. Think what do you want to achieve in your day. Have a plan for the day but always be flexible with it.

Waking up early is one of the keys to well being. When we wake up early, we are calmer because there is calmness around us too. We have more time to start our workday, so we feel more organized. We are able to finish a lot, just in that morning frame of the day so we feel productive and enthusiastic even before the day has really begun.

You need to be organized for your day, it is not easy but then it’s not that hard. It should always be about trying not forcing yourself. Most of the time we fail to do it because we become rigid and start to blame our own self. Accept that you might not be able make it everyday everyday but you will try your best to do it.


When we start our morning happily, we spread positivity wherever we go and who ever we meet. If we try to achieve what we have planned in the morning, we develop a sense of achievement. It makes us feel fulfilled and satisfied. We are able to cope up with any difficult situation of the day in a better way. As we are peaceful within us, we can handle people in a more appropriate manner. Even if things don’t work out, we are able to deal with it much more effectively.

What happens during the day is not much under our control but what’s under our control is how we react and act on those situations. Every day is not going to be the same. Some days you might feel happier than others and some days might be more challenging than others. The only key is to stay calm and to accept it as it comes. Once we accept that we might have challenges to overcome, things might not go according to the plan and we might have to keep going, but we still will finish our day with peace.


The time leading up to night is important because it’s the immediate memory that we will sleep with. It will stay much more deeply within us in our sleep. The time before sleeping should be calm and peaceful too. Try to give yourself time before going to bed. Analyze your own self and revise your thoughts. Think what you want to achieve, how and what you can do to improve. Think of all the positive happenings of the day and make them our inspiration. Look back at your day to learn so that you can improve yourself. Be thankful for the day.

Wake up early, spend time with yourself, start your day with a plan, analyze your day and be thankful.  Life is very simple, it’s we, ourselves, who make it complicated.


Dr Bhawna Gautam

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