The Power of prayer is not just in the words but also in your own belief

Prayers are the most pure feeling. The feeling, that connects us with our inner soul. Praying is not just a religious act, but it’s the need of the soul. Your soul feel empty and lost without an inner connection and praying is one such way to rewire this lost relationship.

How prayers work

There are many aspects of life that can only be felt. We can’t see our emotions but we can feel them. Love, care and affection are felt only inside you. Similarly, we don’t even see our words, but still words can change the way we feel about someone and our own self.

Prayers are also such deep emotions that can be felt within you. When you pray, you focus all your energies in one direction. Your mind is not interrupted by any other thought. When our energies channelize in one direction, we feel one with ourselves. This unification becomes our own strength. With this strength, we are able to create anything beautiful, change situations to be favorable and people’s mind to be positive.

The purpose of prayers is not just to ask but also to thank for unifying us with our own self and giving a direction that has been lost.



The Magic of praying

Praying can do miracles and change any situation from unfavourable to favourable. The times when we feel we have no direction or life seems to be an end, prayers can hold our hand to show us the way.

Praying gives us the strength to cope up with the most difficult times and prevent us from breaking down. When we pray, there is a bit within us that lights up the hope and wants us to keep going.

Prayers awaken our inner person and encourage us to find the purpose of our existence. We develop a sense of belonging to this world in a deeper context. Our perspective to life changes. We understand that the true journey is a journey to find you and use that experience to influence others in a positive way.

When you pray, you become more honest and trustworthy because to deeply connect with yourself, one has to be transparent and pure at heart. You begin to understand why you exist. Once you find the real meaning of your existence, you will never let it go for anything, however worthy it might be.

Pray everyday and pray for everyone.


Dr Bhawna Gautam

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