The power of positive thoughts is in their ability to come true

The power of positive thoughts is in their ability to come true

The world is moving on because it has hope that it will exist tomorrow. Being hopeful brings positivity in life. Positive thoughts might not change a situation or a person but it can change the way you feel about it. There is power in every thought and every imagination. With our wide thoughts and imaginations, we strengthen our mind. Once our mind is strong, we can overcome any challenge in life.

Our mind is a thoughtful booster inside us where all thoughts originate. If we are able to train our mind and change the way we think, we can change the way we feel.

How do positive thoughts influence our lives?

Being positive is all about creating, inspiring and believing in every possibility. Positive thoughts create motivation and inspiration inside us. It creates a feeling of possibility. You begin to feel that no matter how hard time you are facing, you will make it through. It becomes the driving force within us.

When we look at our relationships, our goals and our life, we have a voice inside telling us to keep going and keep trying because we believe that there is something that will make it happen, something that will make those relationships work and something that will fix the broken pieces of our life.

When we think positively, we blend ourselves with the flow of universe. The universe is the driving force for every being. The flow of nature is about making things happen. The very nature of existence is to create. So when we become one with the nature, we start to make things happen and create new manifestations in life. In order to bring a positive change, we must feel one with the universe and one with the life within us.

How to create positivity?

Have a vision

When we have a vision, we can see things even before they have actually happened. Our vision gives us a direction and a purpose in life. Having a purpose brings happiness because we feel that our life is meaningful.

Think of something, you really want to do in life, something that you are passionate about or something you want to achieve. Once you know your goals, you will be able to work towards it.

When we truly want something and work for it, those missing links will start to connect and become a pathway for us. When we see all the positive changes happening, our outlook towards life becomes even more positive.

Connect with positive people

Our lives are greatly influenced by the people that surround us or associated with us. People, who are positive and thoughtful, motivate us. They inspire us to do well in life. They show us our own life from a different perspective that we have never known before. We start to see positivity in even the worse situation of life.

These people can be any person in your life like your family member, a friend, a colleague or a mentor you trust. Try to spend time with such people. Listen to them when they guide you or give you advice. These people are your real well-wishers who will always be happy to see you achieving your goals in life.

Learn from positive resources

The words that come in contact with our mind become our next thought. With the digital era, our ways of learning have improved and expanded. We can gather information by reading, listening, watching and observing. We must keep our mind open to receive the information but we must rely on reliable sources. When our mind becomes familiarised with positive thoughts, it trains itself to filter the negative thoughts. Then the negativity of life doesn’t affect us the same way. To ensure that your mind receives the positive messages try to involve yourself by

– Listening to positive words

– Sharing positive thoughts

– Involving yourself in positive teaching

– Being close to the nature

– Speaking truth

– Watching true facts

– Reading true life stories

– Feeling good about yourself

Celebrate little achievements

When we accomplish something in life, we get even more motivated to work harder. We feel that we have the ability to make it happen and start to trust ourselves even more. This sense of achievement makes us more optimistic in life.

If we look at our life, we do achieve something each day. Whether it’s trying to wake up early, trying to do an extra bit of exercise or trying to reach somewhere on time, every little accomplishment counts.

Celebrate every little moment of life and you will feel closer to achieving the bigger ones.

Analyse your failures

Being positive doesn’t mean that we don’t come across failures. It means that we accept our failures gracefully and make it a learning curve of our life.

Failures are a part of life and instead of failure we should actually call them disappointments. Every disappointment is essentially not a true failure as you might feel. These are the important lessons that teach us where we are lacking. It gives us an understanding of our weaknesses so we can improve ourselves before we try again. At times, we might have to try several times before we achieve or there can be times when we don’t make it at all.

We must not still lose hope and remember that we tried our best. If we couldn’t achieve something in life, it doesn’t make us less efficient or our lives less worthy. We must still stay optimistic and keep going. There must be something else in store for us that is much better in every aspect.

Be optimistic and be surrounded with positive people, there is much to explore in life and much to learn.


Dr Bhawna Gautam

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