Success was always walking with you; you left it for the race for more

Each one of us has experienced the most successful moments in our lives. The time spent with your family, the moments of laughter, seeing your child grow into a decent human, your own and your family’s well being and the fulfillment of your survival needs, is the real success in life. If you are owner of these precious moments that bought joy to your life, you are wealthy.

Once we understand and accept the real meaning of success we will always feel like a winner. We have one beautiful life, we must live truly and joyfully. But what we are doing instead, is racing to accumulate more and more. What we all are trying to achieve and name it as success, are actually our endless desires.

We tend to forget that even the most expensive car, the most luxurious house and the surplus wealth are futile if you don’t have those precious moments, your loved ones and your health.

As humans we have desires, unless we become a sage and give up the wordily desires, it can be difficult to know where to stop. We must find a balance so that we feel happy and at the same time don’t feel left out in the world.

To find real success, you must find the real you and the real you doesn’t want to be a part of the race but still wants to win. It is only possible, if you listen to yourself and find, what you really desire to achieve. This is your inner calling free from any outside influence. Once you find it and start working on it, you will feel so complete that no materialistic thing will ever make you feel incomplete.

 Stop Comparing:

Our biggest source of unhappiness is comparison with other people. We must understand that although we are same, our lives are never the same. When we look at other people, we are only looking at the outer shell. What’s inside the shell, we are completely unaware. The truth is that everyone has a broken piece in their life, it’s just that we can’t see it. No one has achieved everything in life, although it may seem so. Someone might be excellent professionally but they might not be very content personally. Someone might look the most beautiful person, but might have a broken heart inside. What you have, others might not have it at all.

Live your life looking at your own self, not others. Accept that you might not be able to have everything but still you can find happiness in what you have. Being happy is not about things you own, it’s about people and moments you own. Start to find happiness in little things you have, because all this time you have been ignoring it. And if you start thinking of what you have, you will find, you have many reasons to be happy about.

Be Content

Greed is the enemy of happiness. When our desires go out of control, we lose control over even what we have. Being content doesn’t mean that we stop progressing in life. It means that we settle for a level of comfort and luxury that we aim for in our life and start to use our time, energy and resources to do something meaningful. When we become content, we accept that there is no end to having more in life and learn to be happy if we achieve our desired level of comfort. Once you reach that balance and contentment, you will stop worrying and utilize your time to do something you have ignored all this while. Something, that gives you real joy and internal peace.

Be Thankful

When most of the people look at their lives, all they do is complain about is what they don’t have. When we look at what we don’t have, we add more dissatisfaction to our lives and this disappointment gives a feeling of failure and frustration.

When you start being thankful for every little thing, you will realize that you have accomplished so much in your life but you never realized it. You start to become pleased with your own achievements. Things that never made you feel successful, start to make you feel more positive and more successful.

Have a positive perspective

When unfavorable things happen in our life, we start to feel as if our own life is against us. We start to see negativity in everything. Every situation and every person seems to be a source of unhappiness in our life. We must remember that we can neither change our situation, nor the people, the only thing we can change is our own perspective towards life.

If we start to have a positive attitude, the same people and the same situation will seem different. We will realize that those people and situations were meant to teach us a valuable lesson without which, we wouldn’t have grown as much.

Don’t waste time

We often complain that we don’t have time to do things that we want to do or meet people we have been longing to meet. The truth is that we all have enough time but we waste too much time on things that are useless and unproductive.

Many people daydream and overthink about their future while they put no effort towards their present. Success starts the moment you start working on it. So instead of wasting your time and effort on futile things, make your time useful and your life an inspiration so other can benefit from your life too.

Your success is your experience that can bring satisfaction to your life and inspiration to others.


Dr Bhawna Gautam

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