Let the change, change your world

We all get so used to being in our comfort zone that we try to resist change. We might be unhappy with our current situation, dislike our current work and dissatisfied with where we are at in our lives but still we are hesitant to make a move.

Change is necessary for self-development and growth. A tree would never see its fruits if it resisted to grow from a seedling. Similarly for us to see our real potential we must accept the changes that happen in our lives. Not every change feels like a positive change but the end result is always positive for those who truly believe in the process.

Why do we resist change

Most of the people become so used to their routine, that anything that disturbs it makes them uncomfortable. Change might scatter your life completely. It is often accompanied by a wave of discomfort, unease and restlessness. People get too afraid to handle this wave unknowingly that once the wave settles, they will reach the shore of their life they never imagined.

Change might not only involve our life situations but also people around us. Sometimes we get used to the people around us so much that even if the relationship is full of pain, we choose to stay. We fear being left alone, starting all over from scratch or afraid of managing our life by ourselves.

How to handle change

To handle change, we must first accept it. More we resist change, harder it gets to find a way through. Once we accept change, we accept that there might be some hardships and obstacles that come along. We prepare our mind to deal with those unexpected happenings.

When life changes it’s directions, we can feel dishearten and disappointed. At times, just a few words of encouragement from others can help us to stay strong. If you have true people in your life, they will always support you during this time so don’t hesitate to speak to them.

Spending times with yourself can be an excellent way to let the change become a part of your life comfortably. When you are with yourself, you can assess your situation, plan your life and implement your ideas so that you are able to cope up with the change.

It’s the law of life that everything within us and around us will change. We meet new people, we lose the ones we have. Trust and believe everything is happening for good. Your trust will make you strong enough to walk through the new journey. Never be afraid of the new journey and don’t stop your steps from moving in the new direction. What you don’t know is that the new journey might lead you to the most beautiful destination.

Bhawna Gautam


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