If your eyes judge me by my looks, your heart can never meet my soul

Everyone has their own way of living, own priorities and own preferences. What might be important for one person might be totally unimportant for the other. If we judge anyone without even knowing them, we just make a decision or an opinion based on our own thoughts, the thoughts that have been repeatedly conditioned by living in a biased environment.

When we make assumptions about people, we create a barrier between them and ourselves. This barrier never lets us connect with them, no matter how much we try. To connect with people truly, we must keep our mind and thoughts open so we can see beyond their outlook.

Why do people judge others?

 Judging other people is in a way letting others down because most of the people judge only to feel better or superior than others. By judging, they feel more confident about themselves and their own achievements.  They feel accomplished and develop a sense of pride in them.

When someone looks miserable, some people just pretend to support them but in reality, they are satisfying their ego by comparing their joyful life with suffering of other people.

Some people feel increased self-importance if they are with someone who looks timid. It makes them feel more valued and esteemed in other people’s eyes

But the truth is that, if you feel confident and have a sense of accomplishment by making someone feel inferior, it is not an achievement but a complete failure.



 Why stop judging?


 Improve relationships

Once you take off the cover of supremacy from your eyes, you will see that every person is unique and everyone has their own ability. The more we accept the differences, the closer we get to people.

When people feel they are not being judged, they are more likely to be comfortable being with you and they are their real self. Only when people are their real self, they can create real connections.

Create Positivity

When our assumptions are not influenced by prejudice, we create a wave of positivity not only in other people’s lives but our own life as well.  We start to see nobleness in people before criticizing them. Our mindset changes from judging others to helping others.

Improved focus

When we are non-judgmental, we stop comparing our lives with other people’s lives. Instead of focusing on what other people’s lifestyle, we start to focus on our life. We stop seeing them as a subject of competition but make them a source of inspiration.

Personal growth

When we are open-minded, that’s when we start growing. We develop a deeper understanding of life as we become more aware of those situations that might not have happened to us. We start to put ourselves in other people’s shoes so we start to see life from their perspective as well. We start appreciating life and find that there are many reasons to be thankful about.

Let your mind be open and thoughts be positive. Don’t let them become your weakness that you stop seeing people as human but just an outcome of your judgment.


Dr Bhawna Gautam



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