Never Compare Yourself

The way we look at our life, is the way we feel about it. If we look at our disappointments from a positive aspect, we will be able to find something good even in those disappointments.

We desire many things in life but not necessarily what we desire is what we get. But this doesn’t mean that we start to feel disappointed, miserable and start to feel depressed for what we haven’t got. Rather if we change our perspective to life, we can start appreciating what we have and be thankful about it.

Once we start thinking positive and are hopeful in every situation, we will turn every disappointment into an inspiration. You just need to change your perspective, you will see the change in your life.

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Trust yourself

We all are looking for validation from other people to feel comfortable in our own skin. We believe in other people’s views to accept us.

When you accept who you are, you become so confident that what others think of you doesn’t affect you in any way. Rather you connect with even those who criticize you because you know yourself better than them and you trust your abilities more than anyone else’ judgment. You realize that the people who criticize are those who lack the courage to make it happen, they envy your success and even your acceptance about yourself.

Trust yourself, and accept their criticism as their failure, not yours.

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Be Your Real Self

True people in your life will love you, for who you are. Your real self was what made you to connect with them in the first place. If we have to pretend to be with someone, that relationship has no value. Any relationship based on false pretence can never last.

True relationships are about accepting the uniqueness in everyone. It’s about making people worthy for who they are regardless of their status, looks or opinions. If someone has to pretend to carry a relationship, they lose not only that relationship but also their own self on the way.

Be who you are and let others be their real self. When you both are real self, it will add a spark of trust in your relationship. This trust will make your relationship even more stronger.

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