Be a listening heart,there is a heart wanting to speak to you

Listening is an art that requires a great deal of patience and self-control. When we become silent and focus on listening, we start to understand life even more. We feel the depth in other people’s story and learn from their experiences. As we go along, we realize that everyone is looking for a listening heart to tell their story, not everyone has found one.

Benefits of listening


A listening heart is everyone’s friend. In today’s time when everyone feels their life is full of problems, all of us need somewhere to let our emotions out. But there are not many people who are willing to listen to others. By offering your listening heart, you create a strong bond with other people.

If you offer support to people, everyone will like being around you and be connected to you. This bond is free from any materialistic intentions but only bonded with the connection of heart.


When you start to listen to others, you start to listen to yourself as well. When you hear other people’s problems, you realize that there are much bigger problems in the world and your own problems stat to feel little.

You start to feel close to your own self and in this moment of self-discovery you also find many reasons to be thankful about in life.


People often look for advice from people they rely on. Being a good listener people trust you for your advice. When you start to listen, you develop a deeper understanding of various issues in life.

You start to analyze everything deeply before you advise others. This ability to analyze helps you in your own life and you are able to find a solution to your own problems.


 Listening improves your focus and concentration of mind because when you listen, you are trying to comprehend other person’s dialogue and trying to understand their situation.

It helps to improve your attention and not only while communicating but also in other areas of life, you start to pay more attention. With your increased attention, you develop a better understanding of things and better chances of your own progress.

Effective way of listening and communicating 

  • Let people speak and finish what they want to say
  • Do not interrupt in between
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Acknowledge by using encouraging words
  • Don’t give advice without knowing the whole story
  • Always have a positive approach

The most beautiful part of listening is that you develop an ability to free yourself from the chaos and noise but still are able to listen to that heart that needs you. You become a source of encouragement for others because other people feel relieved after speaking to you. You become a companion for those who feel like a loner. You touch the hearts of many just by your silence.

Keep your listening heart open, you can change the lives of those who are trapped in the confusion of their mind.


Dr Bhawna Gautam

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